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Naks Pak


Want that delicious movie popcorn taste? Buy a Naks Pak and enjoy movie theatre quality popcorn from the comfort of your own home!

  • Shelf life: 1 year
  • 8oz of popcorn
  • Made with coconut oil
  • Butter flavoured
  • Made with a special popcorn

*Item is for pick up only. We do not ship.

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  • MOVIE THEATER QUALITY TASTE – Superior kernels, extra-fine butter seasoned salt, and seasoned buttery flavoured oil assure the great taste
  • HIGHER YIELD – Weaver’s Naks Pak contains Weaver Gold, the biggest popping popcorn you can buy and produces the best volume yield in the industry
  • MORE CONVENIENT – you’re just one step away from perfect popcorn; just cut open the pouch and dump the contents into the kettle
  • MORE CONSISTENT – Weaver’s Naks Pak gives you big, fluffy, delicious kernels time after time, with no measuring
  • NO WASTE! NO MESS! Just great tasting popcorn pop after pop!



In a large pot or Dutch Oven:

1.Preheat the oil until shimmering/slightly smoking on high heat
2. Add the kernels, remove from heat for 30 seconds shaking the kettle side to side
3. Add back to heat, continue shaking, until kernel popping slows down to a pop every few seconds
4. Transfer immediately to a bowl

*Item is for pick up only. We do not ship.


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