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Film.Ca Productions

Our production company, Film.Ca Productions, was founded by our CEO Jeff Knoll who is a Canadian producer of film and television/new media content. Jeff is a member of the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA), the Canadian Academy of Cinema & Television and the Canadian Picture Pioneers. He acts as Executive Producer/Showrunner for his own productions as well as for other TV productions such as 2nd Generation in 2018 and Walking on Sunshine 2017. See below a list of his completed projects.

Coming Distractions (2017-Present)

Cinema Six, a renovated independent movie theatre, keeps competitive while dealing with distractions by older equipment, small budgets, a not-so-modern building, odd customers, and unfair competition from a corporate theatre, MegaFilmPlex.

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One Pandemic Day (2020)

It’s Tuesday, April 14, 2020. The world is 35 days into the COVID-19 global pandemic. In Oakville, Ontario, Canada, a community wakes up to another day of home isolation, uncertainty, boredom, financial stress, worry, procrastinating teens and an uncooperative banana bread recipe.

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2nd Generation (2018)

Identity crisis is nothing new to anyone except when you’re dealing with multiple identities. A coming of age story, set in today’s harsh melting pot society, trying to draw the lines between racism, morals, love, friendship, and secrets.

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Kid’s Town (2013)

A funny family friendly show that follows father and son as they move to a new town, make new friends and clash heads with schoolyard bullies and an overbearing mayor.

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