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Academy After School Club

Pick-up Program – coming September 2023!

Mission Statement:
At Academy we understand how important your child is and how important these hours in the day can be on development and growth. 

It is our mission to provide a safe and creative space in which each child can express themselves and learn from our fully trained Academy Film Crew! 

Each and every day will be full of opportunities, lessons, and fun activities where each child can inspire, learn, and create together!

Teaching Focus:
Our Academy After School Program is ideal for parents who are looking for a constructive alternative to daycare or babysitting!

We understand how important these after-hours are for growth and development of your child and will strive to provided a safe creative environment for your child to do so. 

Through our Academy curriculum, we provide a platform for kids to learn and develop confidence, self esteem, social-emotional and multi-sensory skills.

Daily Agenda (subject to change):
Snack time**
Film/Acting Lesson
Quite time to work on home work, read, or partake in one of our many Film Academy crafts.

Getting Enrolled:
The program runs for the entire school year starting September. Out pickup route is based on school demand, so please register early to ensure that your school is included.
Students may register at any time throughout the whole year. Our preference will go to students interested in the monthly programs.

Enrolling Steps:
1. Call and set up a time to meet with our Academy Program Manager!
2. Receive your enrollment package
3. Return all completed forms

Submit your details below if you’re interested in signing up!

After School Child Care Sign-up

After School Child Care Sign-up